Yakutat vs. Geohedral LLC Update

Here are some updates on the issues brought up in Formulating a Strategy for an Independent Tlingit Nation – Part 2: Yakutat vs. Geohedral LLC

The September 2009 announcement by Geohedral of gold and silver deposits in the Yakutat Forelands turns out to have been overly optimistic. Read about it here:

Beard Company Fails to Identify Commercial Quantities of Gold in Yakutat Forelands.

Beard Company, 25% owner of Geohedral LLC, reported in its second quarter 2010 Operating Results that recent assays have failed to indicate commercial quantities of gold and silver in any of its 64,000 acres of claims in Alaska’s Yakutat Forelands. Assays have also found significantly less magnetite (iron ore) and ilmenite than was previously publicized.

Commentator Aandeiyeen of the Teikweidi in Yakutat has passed on information that the mineral claims in the Yakutat Forelands have been forfeited. Read her comment here and check out her twitter account for more information on Alaska Native issues.

Aandeiyeen reminds us that “there’s always a possibility of another company moving in at a future date with the same intentions.” This applies to Yakutat as well as all of the Tlingit Nation. Until then, build your clan! Build your tribe! Start a Tlingit College or Homeschool in your community!

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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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