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Happy Elizabeth Peratrovich Day!

I’ll let the Alaska Native Storyteller say it: Gunalchéesh haat yee.aadí, axh xhoonx’í. Axh toowú yak’éi yeexhwsateeni yáa yageeyi. Yak’éi yee at wulitóowu haa shagóon. Likoodzí haa shagóon áyá. Likoodzí shkalneek áyá yáa yeedát kakkhwalaneek. Gunalchéesh. Thank you for coming … Continue reading

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When is Murder Not Murder?

Answer: When a police officer is “protecting and serving” a victim. King 5 News of Seattle reports that high level police sources have revealed that charges will not be brought against Officer Ian Birk in the killing of John T. … Continue reading

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