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Native Americans gather in Portland to protest oil sands shipments

From The Oregonian The group’s enemies, Thinn said, are oil-factory modules moving up the Columbia River, across the states of Idaho and Montana, and into Canada’s oil sands, where Imperial Oil, a subsidiary of Exxon-Mobil, will assemble the 207 massive … Continue reading

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Regulations make us violate our Way of Life

Great post from Aandeiyeen over at The one who watches over the land. She’ll be visiting southeast Alaska communities to “learn about the issues they are facing when it comes to traditional and customary use (“subsistence”) management.” Some choice quotes: … Continue reading

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Building a de facto Tlingit Nation, Part 3 – Clans and tribal law

In 2 previous posts, I discussed how we can use various Tlingit controlled institutions, municipal governments and ANCSA Corporations, to build a decentralized, de facto Tlingit Nation. Many of the problems our communities face today are the result of a … Continue reading

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More Precious Than Gold

Here’s a great analysis and explanation from Aandeiyeen on why we oppose mining in the Yakutat forelands: More Precious Than Gold Abundant with wildlife and salmon spawning rivers and streams, the Forelands is the heart of our community. We opposed mining … Continue reading

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