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Attack on Native Family

I’ve been following the alleged hate crime in Fenley, NV over at AI/AN Attack The System. Native Family Attacked by Skinheads Jacob Cassell – alleged attacker of the Bonta Family FBI Investigates Alleged Hate Crime

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Will Federal or State Management Afford Alaska Natives a More Effective Voice?

Gunalchéesh to Aandeiyeen for pointing me to this article. Older article, but it lays it all out nicely. Alaskan Native fishing and hunting has, until relatively recently, been governed solely by indigenous systems of unwritten customs, beliefs, and practices … Continue reading

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Genetics- not a strong indicator for Native identity

Read it at Aandeiyeen’s blog. Blood quantum and biology, genetics and politics- don’t define me as Tlingit and who I can consider myself related to. It is traditions, protocol, and the environment which I grew up in that created who … Continue reading

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Old explosive opens historic wounds in Kake

Alaska Dispatch Jill Burke | Jun 24, 2011 What in the village of Kake may have at first appeared to be a simple public safety matter has overnight become symbolic of a lingering injustice in Alaska predating statehood. A remnant … Continue reading

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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Returns Headdress to the Lúkaaxh.ádi Clan

Old news, but good news, nonetheless. There’s much more significance to this than meets the eye. Of course it is a joyous, wondrous occasion that our clans are having their property returned to them. Our clans. Even though these artifacts … Continue reading

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Genetically Engineered Fish

Another threat to our salmon. Fishermen should be watching the development of genetically engineered fish closely. GE Fish: A Threat Disguised as a Solution to World Hunger By Jean-Michel Cousteau Thursday, July 20, 2000 Environmental News Network Behold the “superfish,” … Continue reading

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Modern Demonstration of Territorial Clan Property

This is how I envision an end game scenario to clans managing and defending their own territorial fishing waters. Hand in hand with or following the the development of a de facto Tlingit Nation, we could begin controlling and managing … Continue reading

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Corporations are Not Tribes!

Old article, but it really highlights the divide between the corporate, bureaucratic institutions in our communities and the old tribal structures. Voices from the Flats – AFN Day 2. Corporations are Not Tribes! By Elstun Lauesen ……………………………………….. The meeting at … Continue reading

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Arithmetic, Population, and Energy

On America’s obsession with economic growth, the dangers of population growth at the local, regional, national and international levels, and the alarming rate at which our resource consumption is accelerating: Albert Bartlett, retired Physics prof. at U of Colorado-Boulder, explains … Continue reading

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