Be a Warrior

Our movement needs warriors. Here’s one of many ways you can transform yourself into one.

  • Start training your body and eating good food. I suggest going primal. It’s about as close to a traditional Tlingit diet and exercise as you can get. Basically, eat lots of high quality, high fat, high protein meat and fresh fruits and vegetables. For us, that means lots and lots of good fish, salmon eggs, deer, salmon eyeballs, halibut cheeks and hooligan oil. If you don’t have access to all of that all the time, then substitute for grass fed, organic beef. Eat lots of eggs. I try to eat half a dozen eggs every day and one big piece of meat every day. Also eat lots of seaweed, berries and wild greens. Store bought baby greens and other high quality vegetables will do if you can get them. Cut out grains and junk food. That stuff doesn’t make for good, strong Tlingits.
  • Now exercise like a Tlingit. Push ups, pull ups and wind sprints three times a week is all it takes. Tlingit Points for you if you are pulling with a canoe team. Tromp through the woods. Tromp through the woods barefoot. Go stand in some waves. Do it in the middle of winter. Do it with your closest friends and clan mates. You are a warrior now. And you are being called on to defend you clan and kwaan. Start acting like one.
  • Learn to use a weapon. Hopefully there will never be a time in our lives when we must defend ourselves. But it happens, and we should be ready. Your weapon should be 100% legal and registered. Going to jail for owning an illegal firearm means you have failed at being a warrior for our cause. It is not illegal to own a rifle, hand gun or shot gun if it is within the confines of gun regulations and if you’re not a felon. If you don’t like guns, choose a bow and arrow, knife, or club. You could use a traditional weapon to focus your mind and prepare yourself spiritually if you need to. Plus, many of these weapons have practical hunting applications. Practice with your weapon consistently. Learn how to use it safely. Practice with friends.
  • Learn survival skills. Tlingits living in Alaska and BC need to know how to survive in the woods or on the ocean, anyway. First aid, rescue, and survival are all important skills that a strong community needs.
  • About Vince

    I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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