One Year Anniversary of the Shooting of John T. Williams – It’s time to throw off this Empire


Love, prayers and blessings to the family of John T. Williams. We cannot bring your loved one back. No one can. We can demand justice, but even if criminal charges were brought against Officer Ian Birk, it would merely be throwing him under the bus while an institution of oppression carries on.

The police are the foot soldiers of the US Empire in our own homeland. As a whole they act as an agent of oppression; systematically brutalizing and containing the underclass for the benefit of the empire. What started as a military struggle to drive our respective tribes out of their homelands has certainly shifted to containment of our people. We are left to die off slowly on marginal lands, our only hope of salvation being to leave our tribal ways behind.

The story is the same for poor blacks in this country. For them the 2nd and 4th amendments of the US Constitution are de facto repealed. We could give one another lessons on what it means to be at the very bottom. Their reservations are ghettos. Urban renewal and gentrification routinely uproots their communities before they have a chance to get their feet under them. For us, it has been a series of re-locations and land grabs that have ensured that we have no economic base to speak of. While its been a while since we have had to face the guns of the empire, the experience of black males in this country should have been a consistent reminder that it was only a matter of time before they started shooting us again.

The shooting of John T. Williams is a painful reminder of our place in this empire; at the bottom. We face poverty, malnutrition, high costs of living, high suicide rates, diabetes and a whole host of social problems. Our lands are plundered at will by mining and oil interests, torn up, or just weren’t that great to begin with. Our resources are taken from us or casually eradicated when necessary. Our existence as tribes is at the will of the BIA. We wait around for rights that will never be given to us. But rights are not given, they are won, sometimes with the blood of warriors.

So what do we do about all this? I favor the approach taken by the Republic of Lakota. Fuck the treaties. Fuck the empire. They never honored them nor intended to honor them in the first place. Not every band or clan signed those treaties, anyway. It is time to leave the US Empire behind. It is time to turn our backs on them.

This is what we do: Sever our ties with this dying, corrupt, disgusting empire and establish truly independent tribal nations.

  • Move back to your homeland if you have moved away. There may not be jobs there, but as long as they keep us from living among our people, we won’t be a people. Our traditional homelands supported our people many generations ago. With the addition of modern technology, it will support us again.
  • Grab a gun. A legal one. Learn to use it. Train with your brothers and sisters.
  • Invest in your community, start a business, become self employed. Sustainable, resilient, and low overhead are the rules to live by. Wind energy, solar energy, energy efficient homes, permaculture, decentralized manufacturing; these are the industries we will need to develop.
  • Pick your battles. Open Source Warfare (OSW) as defined by John Robb is our manual. Learn it and live by it. It is a proven strategy.
  • Educate yourself in the ways of your tribe. Your language, history, literature (for lack of a better word; oratory, poetry, stories, etc.) song, dance, art, philosophy. Warrior, this is the story of who you are and why you are here today. It is the story that will continue to carry us forward.
  • Network with other Natives. Share information. Remember, this is not a top down movement. It’s bottom up. There will be no single person or organization for them to decapitate to stop us. We are a leaderless mass, swarming our enemy at its weak points.
  • The enemy of our enemy is our friend. Put all other differences aside until this is over. Then we can work things out. We are not the only other victims of this empire. Check here for a long list of potential allies. The American Revolutionary Vanguard has outlined a strategy for winning.

The US Empire is failing, and they’re going to try to take us with it. This is the 11th hour of our people. This is one of those crucial moments in history that will define our existence.

About Vince

I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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2 Responses to One Year Anniversary of the Shooting of John T. Williams – It’s time to throw off this Empire

  1. carly says:

    It has been a year since Ian Birk Shot and Killed John T williams.
    Uncle John may you rest in peace. You will always have a place in my heart. We love you and we will miss you dearly.
    Uncle John always said forgive and forget. I will never forgive Ian Birk for taking someone that is so dear to us. I love you Uncle John

  2. ravenwarrior says:

    Gunalchéesh for your words, Carly. I pray for peace for you and your family. Take care.

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