Eliminate the FDA, the Insurance Companies, and Medical Education Before They Kill You

Alaska Natives generally exhibit higher rates of obesity, diabetes, substance abuse and a whole slew of health issues than the general population. Additionally, we are found in some of America’s most rural regions, with limited access to health care. While great strides have been made through tribal health services, we can and certainly should always be looking to improve. James Altucher puts in laymen terms the concept of increasing access to health care for all Americans while also reducing its cost by eliminating barriers to entry for new health care workers. Much of what he proposes is also inline with a tribal education system focused on mentorships/apprenticeships. The rest of what he proposes could and should be implemented immediately in Indian Country. Limit the reach of the FDA and Insurance Companies in our sovereign nations. Put our 18 year olds on mentorships/apprenticeship career paths so that they can be ready to provide health services in their early twenties. Farm out everything else to outside experts.


The Altucher Confidential
By James Altucher

So if someone truly wants to help people and be a “MEDICAL DOCTOR” here’s what I recommend: the following three (or four) step medical education:

(I can totally do this)

1) At the age of18, spend a year changing bedpans at a hospital and let’s see if you truly have the passion AND compassion to be a medical doctor (most don’t have either but by the time they finish their $300,000 in debt education they are forced to continue in order to pay back their loans and to justify the 12 year time invested).

2) Spend a year where you pay a GP (or whatever field you want to go in) to be their intern. This should cost you about $20,000.

3) Spend a year as an apprentice for the same GP but charge a lower rate to patients.

4) If you want to be a surgeon, go to a 1-2 year “surgeon school”

5) A yelp-like system should be created to review both drugs and doctors. Yelp has proven to be extremely efficient for ranking the most important aspect of our society – our culinary tastes. Why not use it for other important things. Like where and how we get treated for illness.

Now you’re an MD. At theage of 20 or 22. Not 32.

Net result of all of this:

A) Cheaper and more drugs

B) More diseases cured

C) Bigger community discussing the diseases and various treatments. This is what social media is for. It should be transformative of the medical industry.

D) More doctors.

E) Less expenses all around for the patient

F) More medical facilities around the country

G) Less corrupt influence of the big insurance and pharma companies

H) Less government expense by eliminating the FDA.

You can argue, “But more people will die from bad drugs.” Many many more people will be saved also. And once a drug is truly discovered (and this will happen much faster in my system) to cure liver cancer then that drug will quickly rise to the top in the yelp-system and everyone will begin using it and all the people with liver cancer will be saved. Let’s not forget, the FDA recalls as many drugs as it approves. How come? Because the real world is different from a laboratory. And once a drug is approved it often is shown to have harmful effects when it’s prescribed. So then it’s recalled, showing once again the FDA does nothing useful but cost people money.

On top of all of this, my system will create many more doctors with much more compassion. And if they want to suddenly change jobs, then let them. They haven’t invested 12 years and$300,000 to be a doctor. But that’s ok, because there’s many people lining up to replace them.

What about all the jobs lost at the insurance companies and the FDA? Well, maybe they should become doctors and help people instead of hurt them!

So, for anyone needing a pap smear, or a check of their tonsils, or having problems with depression or post-traumatic stock market stress, give me a holler. Office hours are open.


And you can buy my book: I WAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE

About Vince

I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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1 Response to Eliminate the FDA, the Insurance Companies, and Medical Education Before They Kill You

  1. seedofjapheth says:

    We have to re-examine our ideas on health. Modern medicine is awful and is based on drugging people. It also is based on torturing animals through experiments. The drugs hurt people. I don’t support all forms of traditional medicine though, some forms of traditional medicine are just as bad to animals.

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