Set Ablaze The System!

Anthony Fernandez spoken word

Abolish Columbus Day Protest – Seattle 2011 – Old Growth Alliance

The truth rests upon the lies,
Our people been traumatized,
So Bush is no different from Barack Obama in my eyes,
They all apart of a system that wish we was gone,
and history talks with four tongues so the mystery goes on,
And its illegally occupied territory of death,
Want to see poverty? Honestly, just go to the Rez then tell me,
Does any part of the government care?
No! So I say fuck what a Democran or Republicrat says,
They all lie,
Why rely on the lessor of evils? That’s an act of a coward, the powers the rest of the people,
So let awake, set ablaze our system til it burns down to the ground,
Remind them our history til its heard,
371 ratified treaties broke,
That means the land goes back to us,
Fuck all their lies,
I’ve seen ’em all before and heard ’em,
Take their flags and burn them,
’til their cities turn to ash,
They still living on our land,
What the fuck am I here for if it isn’t for revenge?

We can tell you about Genocide,
We can tell you about torture,
But we can also tell you about the beauty still left in our culture,
United States of America, Ku Klux Kanada,
I’ll never support them!

As posted at AI/AN ATS

About Vince

I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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