No Mining Our Mother

In it’s beginning stages a revolution need not seek popularity, but fervent commitment. Do you know how to stop a mine in your own lands yet?

About Vince

I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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2 Responses to No Mining Our Mother

  1. Deik Da says:

    Tlingit have been using metal – copper specifically for thousands of years. It has been my observation that many Tlingit adorn themselves in gold and silver earrings, bracelets and nose rings created by Tlingit artists. Many Tlingit have worked in mines throughout Southeast Alaska and Canada supporting their families, communities and Tribes. Not sure you know what you are taking about! Yeil, Kiks adi, Gagan Hit

    • Vince says:

      Thank you for your comment! There is a big difference between utilizing native copper and other surface metals and the sort of mining that is threatening salmon runs. Yakutat dodged a bullet with a massive claim in the Yakutat Forelands that would have destroyed spawning grounds. There is currently mine exploration above Klukwan that could dump toxic tailings into the Chilkat River. I am not personally against mining in all and any form. I am against irresponsible mining that threatens our most important historical resource: salmon. I am also against the looting of Indian Country in general, though SE Alaska has its own unique history and situation. Lastly, I know some clans and communities are against mining, and they have their own reasons for it.


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