Some thoughts and warnings from the First Nations side on the Idle No More campaign. Some choice quotes below. I imagine a lot this same talk was going on in the days before ANCSA in Tlingit Country.

I am curious why the Chiefs are acting now as they knew about this Omnibus Bill earlier this year. In September the Government announced funding cuts to First Nations Political Organizations and I am not specifically saying anything but as I said in previous years, I am not going to jail or willing to die to secure Chiefs salaries. Are they just now capitalizing on the energy of the grassroots people and using our threats as leverage. During the HST rallies and one day side of the highway marches Day of Actions we seemed to be pretty scary to the Canadian economy but one would happen when Chiefs talked tough and our people shut down the highways and railways for a week, a month? Would we see the Chiefs out on the frontline? What after we get what we want? Return to an elected system that is not our own, return to ways that already mimic a municipality? Would we reemerge our clan system?

These Chiefs accept Land Claim Settlements and policies they accept only further extinguish our rights. Chiefs from the Chippewa Tri Council which my community is a part of accepted a land claim settlement which is in breach of our Nation to Nation contract. I saw in the media the Chief from my community marching up to Parliament. Beausoleil First Nation Chief Roland Monague tried to remove us from our traditional territories, the land claim area and had our tipi removed as earlier this year three of us opted out of this process and “walked” this sovereignty talk. So I question these Indian Act Governement Funded Chiefs.

It aint no Omnibus Bill thats going to extinguish our rights…We accept Land Claim $ettlements that Surrender our Title to our Lands, we continue to depend on a Capitalist Consumerist Lifestyle, We continue to use the Indian Act to protect us, use it to elect ourselves like a Mayor Municipality…Most of our people no longer see our lands, languages, ideaologies and way of life practical in this Jersey Shore Generation. Chiefs accepts economic development that destroys our future generations inheritance.

Warrior Publications

by Kai Kai Kons, formerly known as Johnny Hawke, Oshkimaadzig blog, Dec 10, 2012Johnny Hawke 1
Sitting around our fire at the Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp tending the upkeep of our repossession of our peoples Sacred Gathering Place known as Council Rock, I am inspired, confused and frustrated in this time, day and hour as I try to filtrate through the many words that are being said and “direct actions” in response to an Omnibus Bill directed to extinguish yet again “Our Way of Life” and Treaty Rights. This rant is not an attack at any specific group or person but just a constructive critical reflection that asks a question:  What are some real solutions and what happens after the media photo opt marches, protests and meetings are over?

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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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