Announcing my Candidacy for President of the United States of America

As of today I am old enough to be President of the United States of America. Let this be my official announcement that I’m running for President. My platform:

  • Drugs – end Federal prohibition and allow municipalities, neighborhoods and counties to make the decision to prohibit or allow drugs on their own.
  • Public Safety – urban neighborhoods and small towns know best how to handle matters of public safety and crime in their communities. Let them handle such issues at the local level and hire their own public safety constables and mental health crisis responders. Release and pardon all non-violent “criminals” and perpetrators of victimless crimes. Pardon all felons and remove the “scarlet letter” that they bear. Allow for and encourage the establishment of penal colonies for sex offenders and other pathological criminals; transfer all federal inmates to these colonies and allow them to manage their own affairs and live their own lives.
  • Gay Marriage – this is a local concern to be handled at a local level.
  • Military – end all “Defense” spending and put it toward veterans benefits and back into the hands of local communities; perhaps in the form of a basic income. Encourage the establishment of local militias.
  • Welfare – dismantle most social services and instead institute a negative income tax or basic income for all citizens of the US
  • Education – leave this matter to local municipalities, counties and neighborhoods
  • Taxes – Disband the IRS. Immediately. Maintain taxes on corporations on US soil and trade with other countries.
  • War on Terrorism – Disband the Department of Homeland Security, immediately. Disband the NSA, immediately. Disband the CIA, immediately.
  • Gun Control – this is a local matter to be handled at a local level.
  • Police state – disband the FBI, ATF and DEA. Tupac Shakur had it right when he said these are just gangs.
  • Economy – End the Federal Reserve and adopt Milton Friedman’s Monetarism, where the money supply is expanded by a fixed amount every year. Perhaps this would be a first step toward transitioning to a gold standard or the establishment of local currencies.
  • Pardon and release Chelsea Manning. Pardon and welcome home Edward Snowden. End all investigations of Julian Assange and offer him asylum in the US.
  • Implement a basic, universal income for all citizens. This idea was endorsed by a wide diversity of thinkers from Martin Luther King Jr. to Milton Friedman.

So obviously I have less than a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected. But my intention is to develop a national platform that:

  • cannot be co-opted by establishment politicians and parties
  • has broad, populist appeal that cuts through left/right divides
  • is actually a threat to the ruling class, banksters, illuminati, or whatever you would like to call them

The purpose of a platform such as this one is not to win, but to grow a third political tribe that is neither the Blue Tribe or the Red Tribe. The purpose would be to grow a Gray Tribe that rejects the current political system and power structure out of hand in the same way that the Red Tribe rejects gay marriage and the Blue Tribe accepts it. Grow the Gray Tribe.

This kind of platform is not without precedent. The inspiration for this platform was Norman Mailer’s candidacy in the 1969 New York City Democratic Mayoral Primary election.

About Vince

I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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