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Breaking Tináa, Breaking Copper Shields, and Bringing Shame in Raven’s Bioregion

Namgis hereditary chief Beau Dick has broken a copper shield to shame the Canadian government and draw attention to environmental issues in the region that threaten Native people. Among my tribe, the Tlingit, we call such copper shields Tináa and … Continue reading

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Black Riders for Liberation are in Oakland Policing the Police..

Community policing by the people for the people. Covering police stops, evictions and more. For more info go to Hip Hop and Politics.

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Cornel West on Obama

I’m obviously behind on this as it is from last week. But Cornel West touches on so many important points that display the hypocrisy of the system. A system that attempts to take the people’s heroes, shine them up, and … Continue reading

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Native America Calling: The Gun Control Debate

On Native America Calling: Gun Control Debate we discussed gun control from a Native American context. This show was hosted by Tara Gatewood with myself, Vince Rinehart, as a guest. It aired live on January 25, 2013. Download the Show … Continue reading

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Fractured Land

Fractured Land

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Arrest made on the eve of MLK Jr. Day at Idle No More rally in Ketchikan, AK

1/20/13 See the video on Facebook here

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Entrapped Haida Hunter/Furrier speaks about his experience

Read more about the case here and the Native community’s response here. Lingit Latseen’s article.

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Alaskans join Idle No More movement

By Joaqlin Estus, KNBA / Rosemarie Alexander, KTOO Excerpt from the article below. In Juneau, Ishmael Hope called the Idle No More movement wholesome, simple and healing. Of Tlingit and Inupiat descent, Hope said the local rallies are not meant … Continue reading

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Entrapped Haida Hunter Stands Trial in Juneau

Sherman Roger Alexander vs. United States case; 1:12-cr-00004-LCL Court date: Thursday January 17th, 2013 Federal Building Juneau, AK Top Floor 3pm Sherman Roger Alexander was entrapped by the federal government through the sale of a significantly altered sea otter skin. … Continue reading

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Limits & Capabilities of Idle No More as Open Source Protest

Earlier I described Idle No More as an Open Source Tribal Insurgency. Admittedly, I used the word “insurgency” because it sounded good. A better word would be “protest” or “movement.” I’d like to provide a little context for what exactly … Continue reading

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