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Tlingit & Haida Canoe at Sacred Stone Camp

The Tlingits have arrived! Doug Chilton and Deandre King brought the One Peoples Canoe Society canoe all the way to Standing Rock Reservation to support the water protectors resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Pacific Northwest and Alaskan tribes have a … Continue reading

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‘Don’t Let the Corporation Steal Our Land!’ Tlingit Elder Opposes Alaska Native Landless Bill

Frank Hopper’s article on opposition to the Alaska Native Lands Bill is a must read. Cited is public testimony given by Keiheenouk’, John Martin, Sr. of Hoonah, AK. The article is an excellent entry into the story of Alaska Natives’ … Continue reading

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Conservation interests fear prized yellow cedar may face extinction

KTOO By Theresa Soley In some areas, yellow cedar trees stand white and empty of needles against a background of green hemlock. The places appear skeleton-like, bare trees standing with limbs exposed, said Paul Hennon, a research forest pathologist with … Continue reading

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(CHILOQUIN, OREGON) – U.S. Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, State of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, State of California Governor Jerry Brown, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, Klamath Tribes elected officials and Klamath Basin irrigators held a … Continue reading

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Cliven Bundy; an indigenous perspective on the armed militia response

I am personally ambivalent regarding Mr. Bundy’s specific claims to grazing lands and cattle grazing in Nevada. I feel certain there are environmental issues with cattle grazing practices in an arid region. As an Alaska Native and American Indian (descended … Continue reading

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Southeast Alaskan Tribes Come Together for Clean Water in Transboundary Rivers Eleven of Southeast Alaska’s 19 federally recognized Tribes met in Craig, Prince of Wales at the Craig Tribal House in late March to join together in protecting their way of life from the impacts of transboundary mining projects underway … Continue reading

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Which Came First – The Rain or the Rainforest?

Regarding tropical rain forests, but it still goes to show you that the ecological/environmental engine that is our world is extremely complex and interconnected. Related: How many salmon come from Lingít Aaní and allied AK Native Territory?

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How Wolves Change Rivers

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A Troubled Walk Into the Forest – A review of the documentary Musicwood

By Frank Hopper One of the first things said in the documentary Musicwood is that for acoustical guitars the vibration of music comes from the wood. This hit me like a missile as I sat with about twenty other people … Continue reading

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Assimilate This! The Politics of Tlingit Food

By Frank Hopper I smell the subtle, nutty aroma of herring eggs boiling on the stove as I lay on the couch watching Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. It is 1968 and my mom, my Aunt Judy, and my Aunt Amy … Continue reading

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