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‘Don’t Let the Corporation Steal Our Land!’ Tlingit Elder Opposes Alaska Native Landless Bill

Frank Hopper’s article on opposition to the Alaska Native Lands Bill is a must read. Cited is public testimony given by Keiheenouk’, John Martin, Sr. of Hoonah, AK. The article is an excellent entry into the story of Alaska Natives’ … Continue reading

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False Lightning and the Pain of Assimilation

By Frank Hopper I remember being dragged to ANS meetings when I was a little boy. My mom would bundle me up and take me on the number 20 bus to downtown Seattle and from there we’d transfer to Madison … Continue reading

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A Troubled Walk Into the Forest – A review of the documentary Musicwood

By Frank Hopper One of the first things said in the documentary Musicwood is that for acoustical guitars the vibration of music comes from the wood. This hit me like a missile as I sat with about twenty other people … Continue reading

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A Tlingit On the Moon

By Frank Hopper Like almost everyone else in the world that day, on Sunday, July 20, 1969, I watched on TV as Neil Armstrong prepared to step onto the lunar surface. I could see my face reflected in the screen … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on George Zimmerman and John T. Williams

by Frank Hopper As the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman was announced on July 13 I couldn’t help thinking about a similar shooting here in Seattle that was also caused by racial profiling, the shooting of First Nations carver … Continue reading

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