Nootsi yoo xat duwasakw. Teeyhittaan nax xat sitee. Shtax’héen Kwáan aya xat.

I am a Tlingit of the Raven moiety, born and raised in SE Alaska. I am also half Taos Pueblo Indian.

In addition to this site I am a Senior Editor at Attack the System and run American Indian/Alaska Native Attack The System.

3 Responses to Contact

  1. Hyrum says:

    I just read that citizens from 18 states have petitioned the White House to let them peacefully secede from the union. I was wondering if you knew if People from Washington state were going to sign a petition and send it to the white house so that I could also sign the petition too.

  2. Even more about letting corporations profit from killing king salmon they do not even use over subsistence, this is about the unjust enforcement of the laws. Mines, timber industry and cruise ships violate their discharge permits and nothing happens, but let one Native exceed his subsistence limit by one fish and its all fish confiscated, nets slashed and jail time.

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